South Jersey Stucco Contractors

South Jersey Stucco ContractorsFor South Jersey stucco contractors who handle stucco installation and maintenance for buildings of any size, call on the team at Rahn Contracting. We’re centrally based in Camden County and we offer masonry and stucco services to commercial retailers, government municipalities, and homeowner associations throughout the tri-state area. We’re an established trade partner for multiple property management facilities and developers, so we’ve got to be on our game with every call.

Stucco, which is made from mixed cement plaster, is a fashionable, durable way to give your building’s exterior surface an inviting look. It’s available in a variety of colors and textures, and can be applied to be completely smooth or given a rougher, more protective look.

As popular as it is in buildings across the U.S., proper application and maintenance of stucco surfaces is essential. If improperly mixed or applied, stucco surfaces can crack or leak, allowing moisture into the building and potentially causing costly water damage. Cracked or damaged stucco is unsightly, too, and it creates a wrong impression around a business.

At Rahn Contracting, we’re aware of the skill, patience and passion for the project required for stucco installation and maintenance. We can install or repair any type of stucco surface large and small. For new stucco applications, we offer multiple color options that can beautifully compliment your building’s exterior. We also handle all types of stucco repairs, including adding a waterproof crack bridging coating that will keep your stucco attractive and maintenance-free for many years!

Choose the South Jersey stucco contractors that retailers and government entities trust to get the job done right. Call Rahn Contracting today to tell us about your project or needed repairs, or click here to e-mail us and request an estimate. We’ll give your building’s exterior an inviting, durable stucco surface, all at a fair price.