South Jersey Stamped Concrete Contractor

South Jersey Stamped Concrete ContractorWhen you’re looking for a trusted South Jersey stamped concrete contractor, try the professionals at Rahn Contracting. We’ve been handling commercial concrete services since 2013, and the Rahn family of companies has been serving South Jersey businesses since 1991. Our customers include retail stores, restaurants, hotels, property managers and more. Whatever the size of your exterior concrete project, we have the equipment, skills and staff to get it done at a fair price.

If you’re a business owner planning to add stamped concrete to your exterior, you already know the difference a striking appearance can make to customers and employees. Throughout South Jersey, businesses are making stamped concrete their exterior of choice, as a beautiful alternative to the typical unexciting broom finish concrete and high maintenance pavers. A walkway to your facility that is attractive to the eye gives your business an edge on the competition.

Let Rahn make it happen for you. We feature over 20 different stamping patterns, and we can customize your building exterior look with decorative medallion options. To add color, we carry more than 40 integral color and highlight powders that compliment whatever color scheme matches your surroundings. Once we’ve created your new and beautiful stamped concrete look, we’ll add a sealant to help the finish stand out and make it easy to clean.

Our South Jersey stamped concrete contractor services include:

  • Stamped concrete exterior walkways
  • Stamped concrete driveways
  • Swimming pool surrounding decks
  • Customized designs and inlays
  • Customized colors and finishes

We hope you’ll have a look at some of our finished designs below. To see how we can beautify your place of business with stamped concrete, use this form to get an estimate and tell us about your project. We’ll make your facility look amazing and do it for a great price!


South Jersey Stamped Concrete Contractor Photos