South Jersey Decorative Concrete

Concrete poured and set on site might fool you these days, it’s certainly not gray anymore! We provide a wide array of patterns and colors that are not only beautiful but economical when compared to the materials that they are a substitute for. The concrete can be designed to resemble brick, stone, slate, tile, and even wood. The benefits of decorative concrete will not only bring you style and beauty. But will also increase the value of your home or business considerably.

Color Concrete
We use integral pigments which color the entire concrete mix, and can use color hardeners for color accents and borders

Scoring Custom Design
Scoring and saw cutting of custom designs or patterns in the concrete can be done after the concrete in hardened, and then these designs can be stained to contrast with the abutting concrete.

Logo’s can be scored into the concrete or we can use stenciling or engraving methods to produce great images on the floor. Concrete logo’s are a great way to display your company logo in an entryway or office.

Decorative Seating Walls
Seat walls help define outdoor rooms; identify space and high light focal points. Seat walls add sitting room for entertaining without taking up much room. By combining our stamped concrete and masonry we can produce beautiful seating walls.