South Jersey Brick Re-Pointing

South Jersey Brick Re-PointingLet Rahn Concrete be your reliable source for South Jersey brick re-pointing. We provide high quality brick cleaning and re-pointing services that restore chimneys, porches, and more to their original look and integrity, while protecting and adding value to homes and buildings. We are based in Camden County, and we offer brick improvement services to residents and businesses throughout South Jersey.

Brick mortar, especially in the extremes of South Jersey weather, tends to decay over time. This decay causes gaps to appear within the units. When this occurs, brick re-pointing is usually necessary…not just to preserve and improve your brick structure’s appearance, but also to prevent unsightly and often costly water damage. In time, decaying mortar could result in even more expensive structural repairs to your home or office facility.

Rahn Concrete has the staff and equipment to handle brick re-pointing in your chimney, siding, outdoor patios, retaining walls and more. We’ll inspect your brick surfaces thoroughly and find the spots most in need of repair. We’ll remove your decaying mortar and replace it with brand new, proper cement mixture, blending it with your current mortar to hide any visual evidence of repair. Our brick re-pointing will also properly seal and weatherproof any gaps, and prevent any possibility of leaks.

At Rahn, we’re committed to getting the job done right. Our affordable South Jersey brick re-pointing service will help restore the beauty of your home or workplace. It will help protect your brick surfaces and preserve the value of your property for many years to come.

Find out why the Rahn family of companies has been the trusted choice for both businesses and homeowners since our beginnings in 1991. Click here to tell us about your brick re-pointing needs and request a complimentary estimate. We’re looking forward to helping improve and protect your property.